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RADIA software · electromagnetic pollution



Electromagnetic pollution modeling software. Software for environmental consulting firms. Software for analysis of electromagnetic pollution in environment: environmental modeling, environmental impact assessment, environmental engineering, environmental consultancy service and environment simulation.

Applications: electromagnetic pollution · electromagnetic radiation pollution · cell phone radiation · cell phone radiation protection · cell phone towers · mobile phone towers · cell tower radiation · cell phone hazard · health pollution · emf electromagnetic


RADIA is a electromagnetic pollution modeling software. The program calculates the elecromagnetic pollution in each point of the air considering each one of the antennas in mobile phone towers. The system of simulation of processes of pollution that RADIA has, offers to the beginner and the expert programmer, a quick and practical system to evaluate the pollution in the air. The program is based on the operating system Microsoft WINDOWS where one works intensively with the mouse and the graphic windows.  We can say, with a certain security that the software RADIA is one of the best tools, to carry out numeric simulations of electromagnetic pollution processes.



It is ideal for environmental impact assessments, environmental consultancy services and environmental engineering.

With this application you will be able to import images and pictures (previously saved BMP files) and Google maps. These images will be background pictures and images for your program window. Many programs and computer applications (AutoCad, 3d Studio, ArcView,...) export BMP files. You will be able to load pictures and images generated by these programs.

This software can also be used for risk studies and safety in cities.




















RADIA Software: electromagnetic pollution map with three different antennas in three different mobile phone towers.



Without considering the experience that the user possesses in programming languages or in the use of simulation tools, in few minutes he will be able to have the first results.

With this application you will be able to export your simulation results (BMP files). These images will contain the background picture (map) and your simulation results. Many programs and computer applications (AutoCad, 3d Studio, ArcView, MS Power Point, MS Word,... ) can import your saved BMP files.

It works in cartesian and geographical coordinates and the results can be exported in Microsoft EXCEL csv files. It is possible to import the CUSTIC generated data in GIS systems, as ArcMap or ArcView.

It is possible to obtain XY and XZ electromagnetic pollution maps.




















RADIA Software: electromagnetic pollution map with different antennas with a background image.





















RADIA Software: electromagnetic pollution map with different antennas with an AutoCAD map.












RADIA Software: electromagnetic pollution map with different antennas with a background image.


Software characteristics  

·        System requirements: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP

·        CD-ROM drive

·        RAM Memory: 16MB or higher


Software order and pricing information

Price: RADIA Software..................................................... 590 Euros

Software update policy: Habitually we make good offers for the software upgrade.

Refund policy: Refunds are not granted. Before buying, you will have to consult all the doubts on the software. Send us an email for further information.

Communications: We communicate only by e-mail. We respond as soon as possible depending on the availability of personnel.

Product Availability: Product Availability depends on technical conditions and availability of personnel.

License agreement: See Legal notice.

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RADIA software · electromagnetic pollution


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